About John V. Panella

The Author that thinks outside of the box, and is never limited by dogma, religion, government or group-think.

It was known long ago via the training this author has gone through that whenever you limit yourself you limit the Father/Mother & Christ within you, and at that point, you are now being controlled by secular activity and beliefs.

John has written extensively for more than 40-years, even though this was never his talent, he taught himself everything; his writings include many articles, e-mags, and books and he has shared them the world over, often gratis. His joy comes from helping others see beyond the unseen.

John was born in Rochester, NY. in the 50's and lived and or traveled in more than 42 states across America. being in 12 different schools, not including College, he learned by experience most of his life.

John was raised in s strict Christian church, which he believes was very valuable in his structure of growth, it was called, the Radio Church of God, which then morphed into, the Worldwide Church of God.

John, also was a minister's son for most of his early life, and had the fortune of meeting tens of thousand of people around the United States and the world, getting to know many people from all races and cultures.

For nearly 30-years he followed the church doctrine until it was revealed that something was very wrong internally. He then broke away and studied all religions, Catholic, Mormonism, Protestantism, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhism... as well as the paranormal, metaphysical and esoteric.

You name it, much of it was dissected, and after nearly 30 more years he finally discovered that the same pattern was within all of them and they were all teaching the same basic protocols, and every bit of it was truth mixed with error creating a deadly cocktail that poisoned the sleeping soul, unless separated.

It was then he discovered a truth that he understood as a child, that without the Father and Mother, the one that Christ paved the way towards, nothing or no one will ever understand the true mysteries until they finally do the will of the Father and Mother.

Read John's own words:

When I was young, even before 12-years old. I began to realize things no other kid my age nor even most adults understood. I knew something was wrong with the world, I knew people were too engaged into survival of the fittest mode, and they had no time to look around them to realize everyone was being controlled like robots, and few were in control of their own lives.

I began to learn about the Father within, he taught me so many things, he produced so many amazing miracles, I used to astound people even into the later years of their life, on what I had learned and perceived of the Father when I would share it with them.

One time when I was speaking of the power of the Father within you, this man I was talking to backed way off, and looked frightened, I felt something was amiss so I asked him...

"What is wrong." He looked at me and said, "You really do know who the Father is," I said, "Of course I do, but so can you."

He said, "No i don't mean that, many speak of knowing god and/or Jesus, and they speak of these things, but they do not really know... however, you really know."

I replied again and stated, "Listen, I am no more special than you, we all have direct access to our Father."

Again he responded, "Right now you are glowing with this bright light." I said, "I am!" He said, "Yes! There is something in you that is special, unique, and different."

I just shook my head back and forth saying, "NO! There is nothing more special about me anymore than about you, get that into your mind.

We are the children of the Father, and he loves you equal to loving me, so never ever think I am more special than you."

My friends, I was only a teenager when I said these things. however, the next several decades became the period of trial and error, the gut-wrenching learning phase.

I had forgotten the knowledge of the Father within and began to look to an external god. I went through crushing trials and heavy disappointments, illness took over, being near death three different times had invaded my consciousness.

Nothing was simple, nothing was ever easy, Even breaking away from the church and the people I loved and was raised with my entire life, was taxing to my soul.

I came to the point where I felt like I was the loneliest person in the world. I felt empty, I felt lost, i felt abandoned. And even though I was given moments of rejuvenation because of the Mercy of the Father and Mother within, I still remained, confused, and in spiritual pain.

I then spent years and years researching and reading books, hundreds of books, trying to find the answers, and every step of the way, nothing worked.

I felt I was moving forward, but no one, not a single person had the ultimate answer, they only had ideas, theories, moments of expression that seem beneficial but there were no real working answers for my malady.

Oh! believe me I tried it all, and nothing was ever real to me, It all felt foreign, there was no true connection within my soul.

It wasn't until I remembered what I once understood and believed with my whole heart, when I was a child, that I always trusted in the Father and Mother, I always allowed them to solve my problems, help with my pain and they always came through. I wondered would this still work now?

It was then I realized why I went through all that I had done, I made mistakes, I fell down many times trying to find my path. And sometimes I went down the wrong road altogether. And that is when I knew, my path was always there, it was always right in front of me, and that was the Father and Mother.

I was given a gift as a child most likely due to soul-learning from past lives, but I had the spark of light, I had the truth, I had the energy, and I let it slip away and then I tried to find it in everything and everyone else thinking maybe someone knows. It was then I realized, no matter what anyone knows without this single truth, it is useless, without the Father and Mother, you will spin wheels your entire life and nothing will ever truly make sense.

The Divine Secret Garden came into being when I realized the real truth, and that is, of myself I can do nothing. Without the deep inward trust of the Father and Mother, I am lost like everyone else.

I then knew what my job was, I then learned why it was that I suffered so much. The Father and Mother were training me to open the door of my will to bring them within, to do only their will so that I could teach others.

He was teaching me to become a flow of water to resuscitate the barren dried souls of the lost children to finally realize, that our destination back to our realm can only be accessed when we allow our will to be totally integrated with the Father and Mother's will, through the divine Son, as Christ.

My friends, Christ is the divine son, and as I have explained, Christ is the energy of son-ship, being that connection to our divine tree of life, our family. He is the first-fruit of all fruit to come, and what is the fruit?

We are! We as the divine children are becoming the perfected Christ the exact same way that he laid the path for us, to finalize our spiritual connection as sons and daughters of the Father and Mother.

We are all becoming Christ bring formed from within, he is being formed within us to become like the Christ.

To deny Christ, we are actually denying our only family connection. This is what Christ is, and what his work truly consisted of.

Remember, he came to reveal the Father and Mother, because he knew he was the path back to them and the only way to re-enter our realm. He said, "Not everyrone that says lord, lord shall be saved, but those who do the will of my Father." Do you understand?

You can repeat his name, say that you believe, all you want, but if the Father is not being integrated witihin you to accomplish his will, then you still need more time.

I began to learn how to explain all of these things in a truly simple way, however as simple as it is, only the true children will understand, others will be offended, cast out into darkness because they do not have this connection.

Those who are not aware, are either so deeply asleep or they are not part of the divine family, and if the latter is the case they won't care anyway.

It was then that I realized, the secret has always been the Father and Mother, and without them we will continuously fail. I then learned what I was supposed to do, and that is, not to awaken the true children, for that is the Father and Mother's role in this plan, but to bring the knowledge and awareness to reconnect back to their Father and Mother after they begin to awaken.

Even if it is only a little. Therefore this work is for those who are waking up, not for those who are sleeping or disconnected.

I did not do this to bring others to follow me, I want none of that; nor am I starting some religion, the responsibility is all on you. I am not starting some church, group or party, because without the Father and Mother through the Divine Son, no one has the complete truth, not one.

Many are at the doorstep, but lack a final ingredient that has paralyzed them their entire life. And they know it not, until they are granted this measure of awareness wherewith then it must grow to where you truly rely on the Father and Mother for everything.

Just like my life, it doesn't matter how hard you try, how many times you get knocked down and have to get back up. It doesn't matter how many books you read, or how intelligent you are or anything else.

Without the source integration within your soul, not your body, but your spirit projected soul, you will spin wheels, crash, crumble and die, and you still won't know why.

Once you discover the one single aspect of truth that our Father and Mother must live within us, become our will, do the good things, within, then and only then can we escape this damned village. Otherwise we will continue to be recycled through hell, until we awaken.

Therefore, my mission is about re-introducing the lost children back to their Father and Mother through Christ, and restore lost truths from the ancient world.

And the Father/Mother through this work has helped to decode the mystical revelation of Jesus Christ' Parables, and has exposed the esoteric mystery within the Bible, along with other ancient works, in a simple and easy to understand format.

In this series of books called, The Divine Secret Garden, which is has now morphed into, The Eight Wonders of the World.

Some have asked me, "Are you 'Jon Peniel' the author of the law of one books series?" Absolutely not, there is no link or comparison I have never even read this other authors series of books. I have gone by two pseudonyms over the the past 20-years+ as 'John the Gnostic' and or 'John Peniel.'

The name John Peniel was given to me years ago by people that contacted me, telling me they believed I was the person Edgar Cayce had spoken of. The name just caught on, but I hardly ever use it, it only identified me to a spectrum of people I used to write to. As you can plainly see my real name, John Panella is very close to the name Cayce revealed.

And no, I do not know if I am connected to this Cayce prophecy., although I find it interesting that Cayce did say this Peniel would reveal the Father around the turn of the century, and that is what I have been doing for a very long time.

The Divine Secret Garden Series

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2. Alien Seed - The Virtual World of Gods & Humans
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4. Keys to the Master Code - & The Spirit World

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The Time-Loop Chronicle Trilogy - Science Fiction Time travel

6. The Time-Loop Chronicles 1 - The Day the Earth Fell Backwards
7. The Time-Loop Chronicles 2 - The Lost Journal
8. The Time-Loop Chronicles 3 - The Lost Medieval Prophecy & the Serpentine's Mirror

John V. Panella