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6-21-19 New article: The Good Fight... A readers thoughts and my answers as to how we can walk the walk of faith.

6-15-19 New Article: Reincarnation - The easiest and yet most difficult understanding to grasp.

6-13-19 New Article - Free Gift. Is Eternal life a Free Gift. Absolutely. Now it is time to learn how to access it.

6-11-19 New Article - Track Reset. Why do we suffer? Why are their problems in our life. Learn the reason and the secrets and the answer to reset your life on a dime.

6-10-19 UPDATE: Reviews... Below!

6-10-19 New Article: Tempting the Father? Is it possible, or it is an excuse to lack faith?

6-6-19 It is amazing how these books are being circulated mostly through MP3 Audio now, but the books also in PDF format are being shared between readers all over the world. I am receiving emails from people living in areas I would never dream could have seen this material. But the way the Father set this up, the majority of the people now getting the books is by word of mouth where many are sharing.

The numbers I was shown are astounding. The vast majority of people are not even coming to my website, nor do most even know that it exists. They are reciving the books via androids and/or pdfs.

6-5-19 New Article - Barometer, why is America being cursed?

6-3-19 New Article - Via Christ, why does everything operate through Christ.

6-2-19 Some have questioned did I really say, knowledge is useless, which means we should be ignorant. Of course not. I said Knowledge balanced with the Father's mind is great, but knowledge for knowledge sake is useless. If Knowledge is creating a better insight and greater understanding using the spirit of the Father then knowledge is very important.

I have witnesed and I was guilty of it also, that when knowledge is all about constant feeding of more and more where one cannot get enough, this usually means, wisdom is then removed. Knowledge is there to give us wisdom, and wisdom is imparted when we draw closer to the Father.

This is where I always break it down. One must draw near to the Father via Christ to gain greater clarity and wisdom. Often knowledge comes in bits and pieces and parts. It takes the spirit to translate it all. When one is seeking only knowledge they tend to accept it all by reason, some of it was correct it must mean it was all correct, and they fail to use the spirit to discern and filter.

Many have taken the Bible to be God's perfect word, therefore if something is amiss, they will not have the ability to filter it out and will drink the poison with the elixir. Everything must be filtered, this way we only use the spirit to discern. There is a verse in the Bible that speaks of straining at the Gnat. This is when one ignores the spiritual element and are too fixated on the literal and exactness and they miss the entire point that is being made.

This is when knowledge becomes a curse because one is too wrapped up in exactness rather than spirtual discernment. Therefore I make many of my conclusions based on what the spirit is teaching me and not the letter. Yes the letter is an aid, but it lacks perfection.

My friends we live in a world of absolute deception, everything is based in error and or lie. But truth is also mixed in. The only way to crack the code is use the spirit, or else all we will be feeding on is the corruption of good and evil, which always brings confusion to the mind. The spirit has a way of cleansing things and setting everything in order.

Therefore it is very likely that we could read the very same content but come away with a totally different understanding. While one uses the spirit to interpret the other uses the letter.

5-31-19 New Article - The Process... The process is difficut but the answer is simple.

5-26-19 I just have to say, one thing has me mystified, it deals with the Islamic Faith. I am noticing some Muslims are interacting with the Liberal Party. This is unheard of since their faith rejects modern liberalism as wholly Satanic.

So who are these radicals portraying as they are Muslims but supporting liberalism. I know what they believe in, I have worked with Arabs who were faithful to their beliefs. Liberals and Muslims do not combine they are complete opposites.

Real Muslims do not hate Christians or their ethics, in fact they see Christianity as closer to their faith than anyone else. They have always despised our Government, but not Christians. It appears we are being conned in a big way.

There is an attempt to stir up hatred between Christians and Muslims to create the abolishment of religion altogether. It is all part of a plan to bring in a global religion. I do not believe that some of the women in Congress are Christian hating Muslims. And are part of the Liberla mindset. I believe they were hired to be actors.

What we are dealing with here is radicalization, creating a sythesis blend out of Antithesis and Thesis. It is called creating enmity between one and the other, which Satan is great at doing. Anybody can be radicalized with enought fear and hate pointed toward a perceived villain or enemy when there is none.

5-25-19 It is amazing how many times I receive an email from readers around the world telling me that the latest article answered a prayer, or thought or question. Some have felt that they were directed towards them. It is amazing how that works. Now let me tell you how it works on my end.

On any given morning usually between 3AM-5AM I wake up and there is this bruning thought in my mind I need to address an issue. I have no idea what the article will say, I just have the initial thought. At that moment I must get up and begin writing using the foundational thought and it turns into an article.

Lo and Behold after it is posted someone will write me and say, you just answered my prayer, or question, or thought. It is like it was written directly for me... That is the way the spirit works. And even though the article may not be for eveyrone, the Father and Mother via Christ knows exactly who will benefit the most and then they inspire me to write it.

There are many times I am not even sure why I am writing or addressing a specific issue, but I know it is important so I fulfill that duty.

5-23-19 -Continued Another reader confirms spirit direction in this work... I just read what you said John in your news section about having the spirit and connecting with it via your books. For me this is completely true. My experience has been just that. I recognized it once I had started reading your first book. I'm on my 4th time of listening on audio now.

Each time I listen I gain deeper innerstanding and I am able to apply these innerstandings in my daily life. They are necessary in order for me to return home. At the stage I am at now I am feeling great Joy in this. Detaching from everything in this realm is becomimg easier by the day.

There is no way I personally feel I could have done this without the guidance of the spirit of Mom and Dad through the Christ spirit that eminates through your writings to the Christ within me. This is a real and true spiritual connection, undeniably. THANK-YOU John for making it possible for me to experience this and giving me a chance to return home. Joan - England

5-23-19 I was thinking today why the work I have presented is so unique? Why is it that it has changed people's lives all over the earth? What is different about this work than most other works, even ones that seem similar?

The answer is simply the SPIRIT! Those who have the spirit will feel the spirit and it will align within their soul. Those who do not have or are not using the spirit need the letter, they need matter based illusory things to come together so they can make sense of it physicaly and carnally speaking.

It is the letter versus the spirit. This work goes deeply into the soul if the spirit of the Father is within one. Without the spirit one will continually seek and never find. They will be filled with confusion from hundreds of other works, and never witness the simplicity of the spirit.

Many have contacted me to tell me they have been studying, reading, and going through hundreds of works by other authors. They found some good stuff but mostly confusing material leaving them lost, but over all nothing worked for them. And yet they read this work and it all began to make sense. Why is this?

Is it because I am such a good writer? Is it because I have amazing talents to sway people? The answer is, this work was put together by the spirit of the Father via Christ. It is their work, I was simply the messenger. It is their spirit, and when that spirit connects to a child of the spirit, it all begins to make sense.

I have had many ask me to read this work or that work from other authors, and often I am not sure why. But when I do, it is not there, the spirit is not there. I do not feel it, I do not even sense it. It is empty. They may be good with words, they may have talent in their writing. There may even be some interconnectedness of this work, but they all lack the oil, which the lamps desperately need.

This is the difference. I see it so clearly. Because even when I continue to read the work I have shared, I continue to feel the spirit even as the author. This is not bragging, or trying to build up myself, it is a testimony to the Father and Mother via Christ, and if it were not so I would be a liar. And it is also confirmed by so many from all walks of life, no matter what race, creed or color, the true children hear the true voice within and it begins to transform them.

The proof is there, people's lives are changing spiritually, all the books in the world seldom have any effect upon the reader to change their lives spiritually for the better. Now there may be self-help books that have helped people, but even most of them are only for materialistic and physical gain.

I am beginning to understand if a person doesn't have the spirit of the Father, then my work will not fill their needs and they will continue to keep shopping. However, if the spirit is there they will feel this longing need begin to be rectified, and their spiritual lamps will be filled..

5-21-19 New Article: Are we living in the prophesied end days?

5-20-19 WOW I just saw a 1932 movie about escaping from the chain gang, and it reveals amazingly crystal clear how the rule of law without the rule of love is so damning. Lucifer brought in the rule of law, and most have never realized, although lawlessness is wickedness and evil, the rule of law only gives power to lawlessness it does not create righteousness. Were prisons designed to reform criminals or create criminals while using them to make money? More to come...

5-20-19 New Article: Time Loop Magic. Are we living vast amounts of different lives and timelines, or are we living one life broken into segments or acts in a play? Learn the magic!

5-19-19 A lesson I learned in life when allowing the Father/Mother and Christ to direct me. Whenever one is being directed, being shown what to do but they do not respond based on various factors mostly due to lack of faith. I have witnessed my entire life, when I needed to wait, as an example for the money to be there before I made the decision, it never happened, and it will never happen that way.

When we are being directed by spirit, it must be faith that we adhere to, or else it will fail. Faith is the key. Whenever we look to human conditions, as to what we think we need or want or desire before we can act, this is not faith, and the FMC will not play second fiddle, ever. If you try to force the issue, then you will surely lose. Faith is the key, without it, one will never please the Father/Mother, or Christ.

The secret truly is, if we cannot have faith in the easy things and times we shall not have faith when troubles come. The FMC are not being strict, they are trying to show us from within, that our trust is key and the only thing that will deliver us.

5-19-19 I have tried to reveal a code to use with the key within and I wonder how many are fully comprehending the code. Do you have the mind of Christ, do you think like the FATHER/MOTHER would. This is all part of the code. Think about this, do you truly understand when we came here we were sentenced to prison because we failed to honor the perfection of reaity, therefore we are stuck in the error of illusion?

If more would truly understand this, then taking on the Mind of Christ becomes easier. It teaches us the truth about where we are at and why we must overcome this world and its ways and logic. When we are born we are sentenced to prison, when we die we are being shuttled to another prison while having a limited parole, unless we take on the mind of Christ.

5-18-19 I am all for the rule of love, do unto others as you would have them do unto you...Love your neighbor as yourself, & love the Father with all of your heart, mind & soul. However, the rule of law was created to control in tyranny.

If you are on one side, then the law goes against you. if you are on the other it will also goes against you, (read my books about the Garden of Eden and what it really represented.) If you understood the true law of love, which contains mercy, then the law always contains intent.

Whereas the rule of law never does. As an example. Abortion is detestable, if one is using the law to rid one of their promiscuous lasciviousness, which is simply lawlessness, which includes murder.

Take Alabama's new law, finally they ruled against Abortion. Under the rule of love you would never need a law such as this as the love of the infant is far greater than anyone's so called needs. The problem was they did not include intent such as Incest and or rape as a reason to abort. They said if it is about a woman's bodily health risk then okay.

However, what about mental, emotional and spiritual health risks of the baby and mother and father, these are even more important than the body. Why does the human carnal law always choke everyone? Because it was designed that way. The old law was designed to reveal sin of the flesh and not righteousness of the spirit.

It is called the law of bondage for a reason, and its only job is to bring judgment on the lawbreaker without regard for intent. Christ brought in the new law of love, mercy and judgment. It becomes intent over action. It is a perfect law. The Father & Mother and Christ's way is so much greater.

5-17-19 Merkel speaks and says the New World Order is over... For 30-years I have been teaching that there will be no NEW WORLD ORDER, that it will be stopped, because America was the KEYSTONE to the NWO as the New World, and Lucifer would not allow them to head this order. Europe would fold, as the NWO would cease and the new global government would be set up in the East, where the IMAGE- International Management Alliance Global Echelon or world controlled Government of the beast will begin again. Continue to keep your eyes on the United Nations, it must soon leave the USA. Link Click Here

5-17-19 Understand the mystery about Faith... It is not about being perfected yet, it is about in having faith that even in imperfection we know we shall succeed. Faith gives us limitless boundaries, not to do evil, but to eventually get it right from our many mistakes. Today many judge another based on their ideas, actions or beliefs that do not coincide with their beliefs. However, when in faith, the Father does not look down upon your mistakes, but upon your desire.

5-17-19 Some areas of my books I inadvertantly placed links to enhance the content. It was my mistake that cannot really be modified at this time due to a lack of time. However, some of those links were purged and/or removed beyond my control, and therefore they are dead links. It was my fault, I should have not added external links. Sorry for the mishap.

5-17-19 New Article: The OBE Conundrum:

5-16-19 Dear Father thank you for awakening us via your son and our brother. To show us how this world is opposite to everything you stand for. Please Father forgive us with guidance to overcome and resist the darkness of this world. We are in your hands according to your will. So be it.

5-16-19 New Article - Before you contact me and admonish me about what I teach, first learn what it is that I really do teach.

5-16-19 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of the Fatheró having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

5-15-19 Spiritual News: Those who feel they need to prove or disprove every single point I make are wasting their time and have no real understanding of the flow and dynamics of this work. This work is not about establishing whether I am right or wrong on every point, it is all about establishing the spirit of the Father/Mother and Christ as it registers within the reader.

It is like using an Electroencephalography in the attempt to discover brainwaves, it will register or not. This work is a tool to discover whether someone is spiritually in tune to the message and has a functioning responder. It is like tapping into a specific frequency, that connects to your inner soul.

Attempting to verify each and every point is likened unto straining at a gnat, and it reveals the missing componant in oneself and not their genius. Truth does need to be verified externally, it needs to be revealed within. This is why Christ made it so simple, the Father sends the message through the messenger, if your Father is the same Father, then the message or frequency is also the same within you.

If the message is not the same, and you are not feeling it, it is not registering, there is no spark, no fire, no electrical movement, then you must move on, because obviously the message was not meant for you. See how simple this is? If you need the message to be broken down and changed so that you can accept it, then the message was never sent to you. (John 6:44 - No one can come to Christ unless the Father who sent Christ, draws them...

5-14-19 Spiritual news: Is it possible the entire book of Acts in the New Testament was created as a script to realign where the early church and Jesus Christ had actually been. I think it is not only possible but it was a crafty addition to recreate the travels of the disciples and the origin of the church within scripture.

As you know, as my readers, the church was never meant to be a physical body or place. It was a spiritual organization. However, the Book of Acts changes the dynamic of it all. And it replaces the origin of Christ and the disciples in Jerusalem Israel and not where they were really located. The author of Acts was most likely Paul! Keep alert to my news section below

5-13-19 Spritual News - As I revealed in my books, Jesus placed his life on the line to teach and train twelve disciples, leading them, guiding them, helping them. None of them at that time were truly understanding it all, but in time, through out their many lives they would eventually understand. But even so, just understanding how important it was that they were trained personally by Jesus Christ while in the flesh is key.

Think about that, have you ever wondered what it may have been like to have the teacher, the Christ personally teaching you. You traveled with him, went from town to town. You witnessed miracles, and great changes in the people.

After Christ finishes his ministry, teaching these twelve along with other friends, he then exits the scene. However, before he does leave he sends them all out two by two. But there was a catch. They evidently were not the ones Christ was going to use.

We are then told Christ returns in spirit and what does he do. He goes and finds Paul, an antagonist, one who hated the followers of Christ, and even had them killed. Christ then blinded him with a great light, supposedly converting him, just like with Emperor Constantine. And Paul becomes the major Christ teacher in the New Testament church, supposedly writing at least 13 books.

Most Christian religions have been indoctrinated by what Paul taught. And yet Paul never spent one second of his time ever personally being trained by Christ. Not one!

Here we have twelve disciples, students of Christ, and when Christ returns he goes after Paul to become his number one guide for the church? When will everyone awaken to realize Paul was not who we have been led to believe.

Satan infiltrated the church and the Bible to lead people astray from the Mysteries of Christ and the Father...To set up the Synogogue of Satan, as a false church side by side with a true church.

5-03-19 New Article - Thank-you to... A simple heartfelt thank-you to my wife in her assistance and help in this endeavor.

New Article - The Law Matrix of Design. Does the Father ever execute judgment upon the people. Learn the difference between physical and carnal law

4-27-19 New Article - Which Path - A Journey unto the Tree of Life

4-26-19 Front Page - Strange UFO visit yours truly see video below. UFO in back yard below captured on Video -

4-26-19 New Article - From a Reader, exerpeinces in life learning to draw closer to the Father/Mother and Christ

4-25-19 New Article - The Christ Possession, a mystery misunderstood.

4-23-19 New Article - We have been treed the age of Deception. How does the synthesis really work to deceive and bring all under delusion, a very important article.

New Article - Heaven or Hell. Do we truly understand the codes Christ gave us?

3-27-19 Many have wondered why the hard copy books at Amazon have been discontinued? Sadly due to publishing changes that created a massive restraint, I would not be allowed to give the books away for free. And that has always been the objective. The only reason they sold at Amazon, for dealer cost only, was many love to hold a book in their hands.

I understand that completely, sadly due to the publishing change, I had to make a decision, to withdraw the books from publication so that I can continue to give these all-important books away for free. I realize this does not make everyone happy, but a decision had to be made.

3-27-19 Welcome to my brand new website, it has taken me a few days to code the site, I wanted to pull way from the other site builder because it did not allow me to do many technical things I wanted. Thus I designed this new site with my own coding.

It does not have all the bells and whistles, because frankly they are a headache, and the object is to center the mind on the content of my work and not its outer layer. I hope you enjoy the new website. If you want to contact me, the contact form is located below in navigation.