Happy Readers from around the world:

Your books rocked my world! They confirmed what I knew but didn't know. Thank you for pointing the way!

Debra -

"Dear John, I have just finished reading your book series. Thank you for putting this masterpiece together helping others to return back HOME. It is difficult to express in words exactly what I feel. With all my gratitude "
Petr from Prague

The Gift that keeps on giving -
Jewels AZ. USA

Dear Mr. John Just want to said "Thank you " from my heart. I am a Chinese living in Japan. I have read four books of your series, learned a lot helped me a lot, yes it is a long road to reach here now, and still have long journey to go through, because I want to go home back to our Father and Mother. Again Thank you for your hard working and sharing with us.
Yujian Tokyo

Thanks a lot, reading many books but never as eye opening and the truth within.
Ardian, Tirana, Albania

Good morning, my Dear Brother,

I wanted to share something with you that you already Gnow... Once Mom and Dad have allowed our souls to Awaken, isn't solitude a beautiful thing we Truly Enjoy... There is no noise and distractions and we can set our undivided awareness to their still voice within our hearts...

In my times of quietness ,our Parents have spoken to my heart more than any other time... I Love these quiet times, we are Truly never alone. I totally understand why Jesus went off alone so many times, he needed the stillness and quietness to be recharged in the Spirit!

My goodness, everyone needed something from him, talk about being physically worn down! I share my joys with you for your uplifting, my Dear Brother! I Love You!

We're always connected in Spirit, and I Gnow this. I'm sure you must get bombarded with questions and opinions from so many. Your wonderful work has been an icing on the cake for me on my Awakening journey.

Thankyou! Mom and Dad are the ones who ultimately speak to my soul! Thanks for all you do, and continue to do, John. Your efforts, and work have been a True Blessing to those who are ready to take the next step on their Awakening jouney.

I also continue to shine the light and truth of our Parents, and Heritage to those that I know Mom and Dad have sent my way. Even planting a seed of truth to a soul brings incredible joy to my heart!

In The Perfect Love of our Mom and Dad, ALWAYS,

Kevin - USA
    ***Gnow a gnostic way to KNOW***

Time is short.

Everything of the flesh that is questionably not of the FMC, I am abandoning in order to clean my temple and try to purify my spirit so that I might be worthy to see Christ at the Harvest.

To discard these dirty rags for white coverings. Fig leaves may cover us, but they cannot stop the light of the FMC within us from shining brightly through all the foliage, and in these dark times, we must all try to generate as much of the internal Christ as we can. To radiate the FMC’s magnificence.

Thankyou for all of your continued tweets, articles and thoughts. Your works have been truly trans-formative for me. I thank the Father for your hard work in putting together material that has changed my life and the lives of many other true seeds no doubt. Thank-you!
Andrew - Australia