A Work that has inspired Happy Readers Around the World:

Seal the Book until the Last Days: John.

I wake up early in the morning and read your articles on the website. To me it's like opening a treasure chest of truth, a portal to the Kingdom of FMC. The pure joy I feel transcends this abysmal reality construct and waves of gratitude fill my being.

Thank you for every sacrifice and hardship you faced in your life getting FMC's message out to the true children. I pray for you and yours often and owe you a huge debt of gratitude. If you only will have saved one Soul with these spiritual works it will be mine!

Love you Brother John,
Greg - Utah

Hello John! I just want to say thank you, again, for your marvelous books! It took me reading your books 7 times to finally understand the experience I had and had asked you about. 7 times! But its all in your books. I know who I am. I understand what I experienced.

We practice the fruits of the spirit all day, every day. What blessings they are.

We are both grateful that we were born into a nest of vipers, if not for that we may have just floated along through this loop and not noticed that something was wrong.

Thank you to both you and your loving wife, you are the best siblings we have in this upside down place.

In gratitude,

I just want to let you know Brother John as I have felt depleted and drained by the world and people in it I finally read your two articles last night Judgement vs Condemnation and Keep the lamps Oiled and they were the answer from the Father and Mother I had been seeking and needing clarity about. And I had to repent for I have been allowing myself to let others use my oil continually without replenishing it via Christ from the Father and Mother. I read those two articles and reread them.

And I heard the voice within confirming my answer. I am by myself on this journey as far as others around me seeking Love number one and the Truth of this life which is only From the Father and Mother. You have been used to help awaken my soul and so many others.

I read and listen to the books daily. I'm growing more in my learning that I can truly talk to and ask questions and talk to our Divine Parents (which most times I don't finish my thought and they have answered! I mean how sweet is that) as I do my earthly parents and that they have the greatest Love and Understanding. Was taught so long within the church we couldn't question or ask "God" certain things and it is very freeing to break loose and as I move forward to develop and cherish my relationship with the Father and Mother via Christ.

I turn to them and seek from them and I have no words of what a comfort it is. I feel them their love their nearness to me so often that it brings me to tears at times even as I am writing this. Anyway just saying thanks once again for allowing yourself to be a vessel that is used to stir the hearts and minds of the true children. May your reward be truly great and mind blowing for real!!!!
Safula C. - USA

Awesome site and great articles and a lot of work was done and glad that it looks really great and a learning tool for a lot of people
Michael C. Kensington Ohio USA

Thank you for these amazing books. I keep re-reading them and never get tired of their beautiful message.
Dotti K. Pa. USA

I cannot express the gratitude I have for sharing the truth that is in this work. The fruits have not once failed me when I invite them or use them to discern. Before reading I was but a toddler spiritually trying to do it all on my own. I am still that spiritual toddler but the difference is now I no longer have to do this alone. I have very loving parents I can turn to and build a relationship with! I feel I am on journey that has only just begun. I am asking my Father and Mother through Jesus Christ for guidance, protection and revealing along the way. I know I need it! Thanks again my brother. I am honored to be on this journey with you all.
John M. New Mexico USA

Hey John,I love the new website and I am so very grateful to see the articles back from about 2 years ago or maybe a little less. I always thought that was such great knowledge you were passing on to us that were so lucky to be on that special portal you had made for those who have read the Books.I cant imagine how busy you were with everyone and myself asking so many questions to you, and I do hope you know how special of a time that was for me to be able to have dialogue with what I consider a TRUE SAGE. After that got taken down I did try and continue the knowledge of the Books and continuing building a true relationship with The Father and Mother thru Christ. Im still building and I have looked and prodded and suffered by my own doings. However, like before, all I have to do is come back and get into the books and now the articles are back which too me is a super duper awesome Bonus!!!Im just really Thankful for You and Your Works and I must add, I always look forward to everything you present, I am convinced you are at a whole other level of enlightenment compared to EVERYONE else out there. I know its not a competition, It is just how I see it, Sincerely and very Grateful.
Theodore D. LaFeyette Ga. USA

Dear brother, I have been seeking the truth and praying for discernment, wisdom and to be spared the strong delusion for the past five years now. Robert Stanley mentioned you and I will be forever in gratitude! I devoured your books and did a marathon; couldn't stop! I have been on this journey since i was a teen with a nervous breakdown after meditating and being alone for two years, at 19. I was too young with not enough truth. I have been reenergized and emotional taking in what was already there. much love and gratitude to the father mother and christ for using you and for you john, xxxooo
Tracy F. Fort Walton Beach Fla.

I Read all your books over a year ago online and free, thank you and bless you, smile, your books confirmed so much my gnawing feeling was finally at peace in this upside down world, then 1 year later I see you on twitter, your messages yet again just confirmed it all again. Many many thanks to you and yours.
Lorraine - Scotland

I waited a lifetime to reconcile my religious beliefs with what my Soul was telling me. I became teachable, like a little child, when I gave up all the learned dogma for pure truth. The anger and frustration of unfulfilled prophecies and false narratives of an angry, jealous, vengeful god gave way to an understanding of the true nature of this reality construct. Thank you John for filling in many missing pieces of a new paradigm.
Gregory C. Hurricane UT USA

Thank you John. I am awakened.
Carole L. Ohio USA

Thank you John for this truly inspired and inspiring tour de forceMay the children of the harvest come together soon and enter the 5th dimension.
Mark M. Worcester UK

Thank you John. Your hard work and all your blood sweat and tears were not wasted.
Terry P. London Ontario, Canada

3rd Time I am listening to your books. WOW I am learning more everytime. Your books are a journey that awakens our soul, in order for us to recognise the truth we already know within us via Christ. Father/Mother help us to discern at every stage of our individual journey. Thank-you for all you have done in many lifetimes John to help the trueseeds to find their way home, Im truly grateful. Much love, big hug.
Joan - Blackpool England

Thanks for the divine work John!!
Jeng - Philippines

Your books rocked my world! They confirmed what I knew but didn't know. Thank you for pointing the way!
Debra - Nashville TN. USA

"Dear John, I have just finished reading your book series. Thank you for putting this masterpiece together helping others to return back HOME. It is difficult to express in words exactly what I feel. With all my gratitude "
Petr- Prague Czeck.

The Gift that keeps on giving -
Jewels -Tucson AZ. USA

Dear Mr. John Just want to said "Thank you " from my heart. I am a Chinese living in Japan. I have read four books of your series, learned a lot helped me a lot, yes it is a long road to reach here now, and still have long journey to go through, because I want to go home back to our Father and Mother. Again Thank you for your hard working and sharing with us.
Yujian -Tokyo Jap.

Thanks a lot, reading many books but never as eye opening and the truth within.
Ardian, Tirana, Albania

Good morning, my Dear Brother,

I wanted to share something with you that you already Gnow... Once Mom and Dad have allowed our souls to Awaken, isn't solitude a beautiful thing we Truly Enjoy... There is no noise and distractions and we can set our undivided awareness to their still voice within our hearts...

In my times of quietness ,our Parents have spoken to my heart more than any other time... I Love these quiet times, we are Truly never alone. I totally understand why Jesus went off alone so many times, he needed the stillness and quietness to be recharged in the Spirit!

My goodness, everyone needed something from him, talk about being physically worn down! I share my joys with you for your uplifting, my Dear Brother! I Love You!

We're always connected in Spirit, and I Gnow this. I'm sure you must get bombarded with questions and opinions from so many. Your wonderful work has been an icing on the cake for me on my Awakening journey.

Thankyou! Mom and Dad are the ones who ultimately speak to my soul! Thanks for all you do, and continue to do, John. Your efforts, and work have been a True Blessing to those who are ready to take the next step on their Awakening jouney.

I also continue to shine the light and truth of our Parents, and Heritage to those that I know Mom and Dad have sent my way. Even planting a seed of truth to a soul brings incredible joy to my heart!

In The Perfect Love of our Mom and Dad, ALWAYS,

Kevin - New Hampshire USA
    ***Gnow a gnostic way to KNOW***

Time is short.

Everything of the flesh that is questionably not of the FMC, I am abandoning in order to clean my temple and try to purify my spirit so that I might be worthy to see Christ at the Harvest.

To discard these dirty rags for white coverings. Fig leaves may cover us, but they cannot stop the light of the FMC within us from shining brightly through all the foliage, and in these dark times, we must all try to generate as much of the internal Christ as we can. To radiate the FMC’s magnificence.

Thankyou for all of your continued tweets, articles and thoughts. Your works have been truly trans-formative for me. I thank the Father for your hard work in putting together material that has changed my life and the lives of many other true seeds no doubt. Thank-you!

Thanks John,Wonderful site.Thankyou for all your hard work and your books and articles which just keep giving the more I study them.I've chosen 'not saying' as my profile 'Gender', because the real me is in fact both. Or we soon will be...finger's crossed. Enjoy
Andrew - Rosebud, Victoria, Australia