Had a visitor: My outdoor inferred camera picked up a strange object in the Southern Sky:

UFO in back yard below captured on Video -

I believe what we are witnessing below is a 4th dimensional craft or an ORB being detected by inferred camera not by human eyes. The erratic movement is only erratic while visible in the 3rd dimension. In the 4th dimension it is moving normally but when viewed in our realm it is taking on a new spatial quality. Notice it is the same type donut (doughnut) shape with what appears to be a hole in center. The tree in front is about 15' from the camera, the trees behind are about 150-250' to give a better assessment of distance. Eventually it went behind the clouds and disappeared. Also added: Early video 18-minutes prior showing when the object first came on screen, it remained for 30-Minutes. And also a similar NASA footage of object. Also below moon photo!

Early video
Video 1
Video 2
NASA Video 4 minutes in - STS75 familiar.

Next morning, Moon takes same basic path Craft or ORB did the previous Morning