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For a very long time, the true church of the called-out ones has been infiltrated and perverted. The churches of today have no comparison to anything Christ set up or desired. For the first time in a very long time, the true seeds/children who have been scattered all over the world can now come together 24-7 in Christ's true reunion.

It is now finally being revealed that the true seeds need a place to interact with others of like minds. Therefore we have opened a forum that is unlike any spectrum you have ever known or interacted with before. We are not here to debate philosophical issues nor are we here to debate belief systems. The TDSG series of books set the foundational limits and guidelines, and we build only on this foundation as the structure that Christ revealed under the Father and Mother.

If for any reason you do not feel or believe Christ revealed this structure then move on this is not for you. We are not here to judge or confront with you or others, we are here to move forward with those who inwardly believe the same.

Rest assured there is much more to build upon the foundation. The information in these books is greatly expanded when you begin to understand the spiritual "KEY" value and how it has all been condensed into a living "code." It is like a sponge, you begin to pour the water of truth on it and it expands enormously.

The building on the foundation has already increased in value, as greater awareness and understanding of subjects like Lucifer and the fall of the Angels has been added, plus the foundation of where Satan came from and who he really is. And also the false realm we are experiencing now, has all been greatly enhanced. You may be astounded to learn the ancient secrets that most cannot even begin to fathom.

Therefore, this forum is for no other better word; a spiritual church. A temple, but not as a physical temple or church, it is a spiritual body, for minds, not human bodies. A body that we have been given the great honor to become its benefactors and guides under the direction and tutelage of our Divine ancestry.

Long ago Jesus started his church, it was not a building, it was not a large complex temple hall where people came to. It was a spiritual adept program where two by two were sent out all over the initial region, to pass the word one to another. This would then grow into a massive amount of adherents around the world, to all cultures, tongues, and beliefs.

The problem was when Christ left so did the true spirit of the church that was all but buried in deception. Those who tried to keep the original faith and mysteries were mostly killed or they fled and remained hidden in caves and mountainous areas until their deaths. Much of the mystery of truth was buried with them.

It was then many decided to use this movement for their own glorification and fortune and they began to build large palaces and palatial buildings to gather the people and then exploit them. The dark lords of the false seeds then redirected the true adherents away from the pure doctrine of divine mystery, unto doctrines of demons and unto great error. The Church became a place one visited, a building, and it was falsely used to restore the spiritual health of the adherent once a week while they spent the other 6 days plodding around in a horrifying world trying to make end's meet. Everything Christ brought them was lost or entangled in deception!

This was never the intended spirit. Christ created the church for the called-out ones, meaning the chosen of the Father from the world and from all of its dark manifestations. It is difficult enough to have to play the world game for one day per week, let alone 6-7 days without spiritual oil. The world is designed to keep you busy so that you do not have time to think, reason or learn. Satan convinced the people that they were operating properly while he still had total control of their lives.

The spiritual building Christ built, was a spiritual paradigm, a place with no walls, no containment, no internal powers. The physical church that it became was when the people were stripped of their right to have a relationship with Christ and the Father, and in return, they made men and women who brought unto them false teachings; their lords and they dwelt in physical temples.

Christ brought a spiritual temple that the children of the Father, from all over the world would have access to, instantly, daily, at any time, anywhere, and in any place. In other words; they would always have the Father and Christ, and they would be guided as one mind, one spirit, and one spiritual body.

Some contend that Christ revealed that the gates of Hell, which in this world, would never prevail against his church. Therefore they believed the church has been ongoing since the first days it began. This is not true physically speaking, nor is it what Christ meant. Christ knew the mystery of the WORD, he understood the mystery of rebirth.

He understood that this world would never be able to destroy the spirit of the true church which is within those who were called before the very foundations of the world. Eventually, the Word would reawaken within the true children and at the end days, those who were ready would return as part of his true calling unto the Harvest.

The true seeds would slowly begin to remember, they would recognize the true word again when presented with the key code. They would rediscover their inner knowing that was seeded and embedded long ago. Many today lived during Christ's time or the disciple's time. Many were involved with the early church. Now you understand why it was stated, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. It is called rebirth.

You may have been in the church at Jerusalem, or Galatia, maybe Corinth, Thessalonica or even Ephesus. These were the first areas where the truth had spread individually until many were lost to the building of physical temples and palaces and then the doctrines of internal and eternal mystery that Christ brought us, were watered down and removed and instead replaced by rock, stone, and brick with tinted windows.

When Christ spoke of the gates of hell will never prevail against his church, he meant that at the Harvest his church would reappear again as a spiritual group as if no time at all had been lost from the initial days because the true mystery is beyond known time. However, now the true seeds are being revived and awakened in memory as to who they really are and were. Thus the gates of hell didn't prevail, it didn't conquer, it didn't eventually win out. The true church appears again at the Harvest time to prove not even the gates of hell could prevail over this spiritual body template.

Did you read the last part, the true church is not a building people go to, and never was, it is you and me, and all those who were seeded from the very beginning even before the earth came into motion in this simulated false artificial spirit environment. Thus the true spirit always prevails over the false spirit, because the fake cannot ever control the real. Christ knew this long ago, he knew his church was always there even though its outer existence was buried deep inside the world of illusion.

Now for the first time, the call has been made again to all the children of the Harvest, and the original church is coming up out of the earth like a magical plant visiting the enormous wealth of blue skies and sunshine. Today for the first time since we had scurried into the caves and mountainous regions to hide a very precious vat of mystery, and then we spent lifetimes plodding through the world of doubt and fear, we can now come up again and breathe the true air of divine providence while preparing for the Harvest. The spiritual church has now been reborn.

You don't have to pay tithes or dues, nor do you have to sit in hard uncomfortable pews, from all over the world many will come as Brothers and Sisters who are all diligently seeking only the mystery of truth. This is the end-time reunion of the family of the Father and Mother and our Elder Brother Christ for all those who have been prepared and have the oil in their lamps.

For the first time ever, one can have the lodging like a church, the gathering like a group, to discuss and share one another's story of their lives in toto. No one is going to preach you a weekly sermon, although great information will be at your fingers tips in articles and posts, all day, every day.

You won't have to get up and sing unless you want to and there are times you are going to want to. We only cater to those who love the divine law of Christ as we follow faithfully the Father and Mother of the first Monad and the first begotten Son, the CHRIST in ALL. For if the spirit of the Father dwells in you then you are the true seed from before the foundation of the Earth as the perfect created humanity from Christ/Adam and Sophia/Eve through Seth.

If someone does not belong here they will learn this quick enough for they will not want to stay where they do not belong. We have a strong moderation crew that has evolved through pain and trial. All that we have been given is used to inspire, build, and help the growth of anyone and everyone who desires. For it is the True Church of the Living Father and Christ is the head.

The rest of us who guide, lead, and help are simply caretakers led by the spirit in faith. We do not want your money nor your belongings, we just want you.

If you have read the series of eight books in, 'The Divine Secret Garden', and desire to be part of like minds all around the planet, then this is the place for you. These books are the weeding and gardening tools to find and rediscover the rare nuggets, gems, and diamonds which happens to be all the true seeds.

If you have not read the books yet, there is still time, links will be given from the new home of the children of the Divine as you will learn below. There are no strings attached, you are free to come and go anytime you so choose. We do not hold anyone captive, this is not a cult, nor a club, it is simply a gathering. There are no walls, no edicts, no demands. You are not liable to us nor, are we, to you.

We do, however, expect that you honor us as we honor you in deep respect of our true parentage, and staying free of worldly confrontations. Being here is an honor it is not a human right. If you are a true seed you are only liable to the Father via Christ. And are to be in a deep respect for one another.

After reading the Divine Secret Garden be prepared to learn even deeper truths, truths that simply are not available anywhere else in this world. The excitement of who we are and what Christ has in store for his end-time church is beyond comprehension.

The books may have led you here, but now get ready to move to the next level of spiritual understanding and growth. This is a spiritual body, we are not a building one enters, or a place of worship. That is between you and your Father/Mother and Christ alone. We are the benefactors of guided spiritual knowledge that leads to all wisdom, faith, and truth. Everything we do is of faith in the Father/Mother via Christ.

This is not a place to bring your worldly carnal views of the flesh and interworld desires, no one here is interested. We are not politically correct, we are Christ-Correct. We do not care what race, creed, color, or culture you stem from, all true seeds who are of the law are accepted.

We, however, do live by divine law and follow a moral lifestyle. If you desire to be directed by the true Father and Christ and their laws of true spiritual love, then you have your true home of the preparation for the Harvest.

However, it is much more than that, we go beyond the understanding of what most believe in this world, and of its religions. And we tie it all together to implement what Christ taught us long ago in mystery and parable. It is the same teaching now being revealed correctly for the first time ever since it was originally revealed. We never accept our condition as complete, we are always in growth mode, willing to learn deeper truths.

We all understand we are sinners, the difference is we do not accept sin, and we do our very best to purge it when discovered, no matter how long it takes. For all sin can be forgiven, the only sin that cannot be forgiven in this lifetime or the next is when we accept sin in our lives and as a lifestyle.

Are you ready, do you feel the call within? If not then this is not for you, it is best that you move on. However, if this is what you feel deeply from within then the information on how to join or rejoin as it truly is at your fingertips, simply follow the instructions below.

In closing, to answer the big question!

Are you starting a new church? Absolutely not! Christ started his church of those that were called long ago. We here are helpers as the concierge opening the spiritual doors for those the Father chose before the world was, the forgotten ones, those that were trampled, desolated, and all but buried in time.

The doors are now opened for a spiritual home, without walls, boundaries and illuminaries dictating to one on how they must adhere to their concept of control. Our only instructions are, that all have faith and trust in the Father/Mother via Christ & respect one another.

We do not want control, we only administer to your spiritual needs as family helping family. Now in truth wasn't that what the original church really was all about? Therefore, welcome back family, you have been greatly missed.